Why I want to be a Nurse


Nursing is a profession that is one of the most important and widely used professions worldwide. Especially during this global pandemic, the worth of nurses has multiplied significantly. They are second to just doctors. But their effort to be a front line worker in harsh circumstances is second to none and they have the courage to tackle even the most crucial and delicate problems. Their worth and courage has got me excited to do these tasks with my complete commitment. Doctors are credited worldwide as they save lives but they shadow the nurses who have given their full commitment in caring for the patients. I think that nurses are god sent because they do work that not many are capable of doing.

Why I want to be a Nurse

People respect doctors worldwide but the same can’t be said for nurses as their work is not recognized a lot. People usually have the mind set especially in third world countries that they were enabled to become doctors so they settled to be a nurse but what they don’t know is they choose to be a nurse and help people and I want to choose to work as a nurse and make a routine of caring for our patients. These tasks take courage and I believe that I have that courage to be a nurse and people in their difficult times.


Another thing that has inspired me to become a nurse is to help people and care for them. I have a similar personality so I would like to make a career out of it. Comforting patients and their families and making them see the light after the tunnel would be my job and I am waiting for when I give a patient a ray of hope to live. Nursing profession isn’t just about performing medical tasks but it is also important for nurses to have communication skills because they spend more time with patients compared to doctors.


At a very young age I came to the decision of becoming a nurse. I discovered that I had maternal instincts so it would be appropriate for me to become a nurse. I know it may sound funny but it was the decision that I had made in my younger days. When I grew older my decision to become a nurse started becoming a reality. I had started researching about the job description that I would have and to this day I still do. It helps me to learn new things and become a little practical in life. Becoming a nurse is challenging to say the least as there is almost next to no margin for error. There is a life hanging in the balance so we have to be serious and confident at all times. We can’t afford to be careless at all as it would be harmful not only for us but also for the patient and the hospital.


This doesn’t scare me. I know what I am signing up for. Another reason I opted for the field of nursing is that you experience new challenges on a daily basis and your learning curve experiences every year as many different types of cases come to the hospital on a daily basis. So there are many different things to learn from.

The only thing that made me hesitate was the salary that nurses are offered annually is 80000$ and due to the significance that the role holds I personally think that it is less. Footballers earn double this amount every month. Even though nurses put their life at stake to save lives, they aren’t recognized or paid enough.  I am proud of what I am seeking for and the goal to save lives is loads more than money or recognition so I won’t change my mind. I will become a nurse and save lives.

That’s all from my side. If you want to read more about the nursing profession. I would highly recommend this blog. Click Here

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