Quality of a good teacher


“A teacher is your third parent” this quote is famous worldwide. This shows how important the role of a teacher has in the life of a student. They are one of the earliest role models for students, especially for younger students.

quality of a good teacher

A student is known by the skills of their teachers. So having a quality teacher is very important for the growth of students. With students at a tender age they learn by observing the teacher and what they teach them. These teachers lay the base for students to set their buildings upon. So it is very important to have a quality teacher who teaches you to groom yourself in the manner that encourages the student to learn with their concentration.


To lay the perfect base for students to continue upon, a quality teacher is required who has a strong grasp of the knowledge of the subject. Having knowledge of the subject is identification of a truly good teacher. This shows they have the ability to counter all the queries that students must have. If the teachers have complete knowledge of the subject they can counter questions with relevant answers and can encourage students to ask more questions to make them more curious of what they are learning. Moreover it is important for the teacher to be involved in the class thoroughly and be up to date with the new information that is required for the students to learn. This will enable the students to develop an interest in the subject. It will also help them grow and make a clear aim to what they want to make a career out of.


Another key quality that a good teacher must have is situational analysis. Teachers have to teach a class of students who have different personalities so they encounter many different situations. These students are the responsibilities of their respected teachers so it is the job of the teacher to handle all the situations ideally as their analysis of situations followed by the consequences of their actions could be clinical for the students as well as the teacher.

So a quality teacher would know when and how to handle the situation accordingly. Similarly many students are troubled so they tend to create problematic situations for the teachers. So a good teacher would tackle the issue in such a way that the student not only learns from his mistakes but also encourages them to do what’s right instead of the wrong.


Lastly, I personally think that it is key for the teachers to be good evaluators so that students learn from the mistakes that they are making and if they are evaluated correctly they would know how and what to work on. Similarly they would know the area they lack and where they have their strengths. But for this to be a success they have to have firm control over their classroom so that students respect them and stay under their control. But there’s a thin line here for the teachers as they should know when to listen to the students and when to scold them. They have to build a bond in such a way that the student is keen to learn and is not disheartened by the scold that he receives when he lacks somewhere.


Having a quality teacher is a blessing that not everyone receives. Behind every successful person there is a teacher who has chosen to show faith in them and believe in what they can achieve. Even a teacher who has a few of these qualities or traits has the ability to be the key to success for many students and helps them turn from a boy to a man or a girl to a woman. This justifies the saying that “The teacher is the third parent”.

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