Privacy Policy

Before you hire our writing services, please do take a look at our privacy policy.

We always place your privacy as one of our top priorities. While you go through the transaction process, our system stores some minor information related to contact information. This is merely used for completing your transaction and all the data is kept private. As per the Data Protection Act 1998, you may consult with us regarding your personal information. You have the right to make correction or deletion if the data is inaccurate. You may also claim compensation if it is possible to prove that it is damaging or if it violates security.

To receive our services you may occasionally be asked for personal information such as name and email address. We may verify your IP address in order to determine your location. It allows us access to relevant content anywhere.

The products that we offer to students are related to education. These include documents, reading material and plagiarism removal. When you provide us with your data, you may allow us to inform you about our products and services via email or phone. You can off course object to receiving such messages.

We never share any information provided by you with other companies. Your information is used for the purpose you desire and this information is kept strictly confidential, implying it is never passed on to other person or entity.


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