Cumulative Case Study

The cumulative case study as does the name suggests is about the collecting of the information that is gathered at different times from the different times. This case study entails focus on the studies that were conducted in the past; in the sense a retrospective procedure is conducted. At the same time the series of the investigative steps are taken so as to make the research effective for the future needs and challenges.

This kind of the case study is tricky when it comes to its resolution, as there is sufficient comparability and quality for the aggregation of the information. Writers at Academic Inside are well aware of various modes and methods to execute this kind of the job. Furthermore, features of the cumulative case study include the case survey method (used as a means of aggregating findings) and backfill techniques. The latter aid in retrospective accumulation as a means of obtaining information from authors that permits use of otherwise insufficiently detailed case studies.

Opinions vary as to the credibility of cumulative case studies for answering program implementation and effects questions. One authority notes that publication biases may favor programs that seem to work, which could lead to a misleading positive view.

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