What is Multiplex Management System? and How It works? 

Multiplex Management System is a software that has a prime objective to ease human’s tasks. In Addition to this it enables users to have a look at the various available brands or maybe to check the sales duration and amounts used for the products.


Multiplex Management system

This system helps the owner evaluate the running of the multiplex.


The Multiplex Management system performs the following tasks:


  • Booking and cancellation of tickets
  • Screen and Movie Management
  • Handling database and track records
  • Managing employee databases
  • Showing many different malls and gadgets
  • Listing the sales duration and sales % on brands.

Modules in the Project

For the User

  1. It can help view the malls and the brands around.
  2. Can check sale durations sales on brands.
  3. Sign up to get registered.
  4. Login incase for booking or canceling tickets.


a)   Ticket booking

  1. Checks seat selections for the users
  2. Appointing Managers for the multiplex
  3. Employee management at that time in the Audi
  4. Audi Management
  5. Movie Management

b) Audi and Movie Management 

  1. Managing Audi’s with respect to movies
  2. Dealing with Show timings of the movies.
  3. Employee Management
  4. Managing employees

c) Manager

  1. Adding Employees to the Multiplex
  2. Viewing Employees Attendance
  3. Leave Approval

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