Collection of Data through Research Method

Posted by inside, 6th, Aug 2021

Collection of Data through Research Method

The stage of collection and analysis of data is of great importance in the development of scientific research, so it is necessary to keep some care so that we can ensure the reliability of results. The first care should be taken to start the data collection phase which is about the preparation of the people responsible for it. It is important to supervision so as not to collect data wrong or unnecessary to the survey. Likewise, all the data collected should, if necessary, make the reapplication of the instrument.

Data Analytics for the Company’s Growth

In the experimental research, the key is to control extraneous variables that may be interfering, so that the environment becomes the most appropriate possible, manipulate certain conditions and observe the effects produced. However, for this kind of research, there are varieties of mechanical devices that help at this stage of the research. Data collection can be done through: observations, interviews and life history, literature, questionnaires, empirical observation, among others. Importantly, there are several procedures used for this purpose, however, it is up to the researcher to decide which procedure more suited to the type of survey. After collecting data, it is necessary to analyze them. However, the previous planning of this analysis should have been made even before the data collection. This procedure helps the researcher and prevents unnecessary work to be done; besides, it allows the researcher to predict the costs necessary for the research.

Importance of Data Analytics

For experimental research, data analytics is essential and the most appropriate practice. However, there are numerous tests of significance, requiring the researcher to study and then choose the test that best suits the research in question. It is important to note that the statistical tests are only tools that facilitate the interpretation of results; a theoretical framework is needed to enable the researcher to draw a parallel between the results obtained empirically and existing theories. Therefore, a good analysis of data is something primordial in a company. The good thing is that with management software, it is easy to make the process as all the important information is already there. Student should focus on gaining such data analytics procedures whereas another procedure used for data analysis is the analytical categories. These were derived from theories that were previously accepted and that prevent, as little as possible, judgment, common sense opinions, prejudices, etc. With the crisis and increasing competitiveness in the market, student cannot waste time with basic errors, delays in productivity or make decisions based solely on intuition, without taking into account the reality presented in the reports. However, data analysis is extremely important in making decisions aimed at a sector or the company as a whole. The ease of interpretation of the data requires good BI software and also strategic planning for it to be implemented according to the needs and reality of the company. If sectors are integrated, and information is collected accurately where the projected scenarios are realistic.


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